Issues Impacting Operations Teams Daily


Location: The Grand Bohemian, Orlando, FL

Typical Attendees: Operations Executives


Our Operational Excellence Roundtable is our annual deep dive into the challenge enterprise wealth firms have operating their business. Balancing technology with personalized services, all on a budget. We weave together case studies, community questions, breakout sessions, and partner thought leadership. Beyond, we bring our groups together for a family type experience that results is rich dialogue and deep long-term friendships. 


This year, initial thinking is that we will be diving into:

  • Digitization: What does it really mean? To advisors. To Operations teams. Are they aligned? 
  • Automation. What does it mean? Is it a panacea or pandoras box? 
  • The changing face of service: changing expectations - can support keep up?
  • The hybrid model: a supportable model for service teams?
  • The Wish List