Enterprise Wealth Leadership


Location: The Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

Typical Attendees: Enterprise Wealth Firm Leadership 

This is our flagship roundtable. We have hosted this roundtable, typically in Sonoma, CA, for the past 14 years. In order to establish some parity, we decided to host this years roundtable in Bermuda. This roundtable focuses on issues that enterprise wealth leadership is facing, and supplies a wonderful opportunity to collaborate for a few days and drink in a bounty of perspective along with innovative ideas. 

Similar to our other roundtables, we mix together case studies, community questions, breakout sessions, and partner thought leadership. In addition, we bring our groups together for a family type experience that results is rich dialogue and deep long-term friendships. 


This year, initial thinking is that we will explore:

  • Firms are looking at new ways to entice customers with a plethora of innovative ideas ranging from home goods insurance, to mortgage and lending, to ... In order to align and be able to mine these lower cost leaders, what needs to occur? And, what impact does it have on the business? 
  • Advisors are requiring more and more horsepower in the offerings they expect from their enterprise wealth firms/partners. How do those expectations align with the business profitability? As part of those expectations, are we in a technology arms race? Is that race one that can be won?
  • The retirement business is a green field. Yet, non-ERISA business (think 403B), can be a very challenging technology and experience eco-system to weave together. This represents big dollars. Is it worth it? 
  • Technology is huge buzzword in the enterprise wealth space. Can we as an industry weave together the bounty of awesome technologies into a workable model that drives efficiencies, oversight enablement, and differentiation? All resulting in an experience that supports the investor customer, the advisor and their staff, the operations/support, and leadership? What are some wins? What are some lessons learned? 
  • The Wish List 


These are our initial ideas - subjects will evolve and be added. Stay tuned!!!